Amos Sensei back to our Dojo

It was a fantastic Seminar conducted by WTKO Chief Instructor Richard Amos shihan on Thursday 12 October 2017 . Basic Shotokan taught in a brilliant and clear way. Thanks to all who took part specially Alan Parrish sensei and Jason Hitchings Eska sensei who travelled from far to support our Dojo. Best way to spend a few hours surrounded by enthusiastic people willing to try different approaches in order to advance in our quest for knowledge. 

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Chelsea Dojo - relocating Dojo premises to Pimlico Academy from July 2017

Our Dojo in Chelsea Sports Centre has been proudly serving the community for over 30 years. It is therefore with sadness that our Chelsea Dojo will be relocating to Pimlico Academy (which incidentally is the very same venue Sensei Sanna taught at when he first opened a Dojo in London).
Training times will remain largely unchanged for adults, but there is a slight change for the kids class on Mondays. Training timetable will be as follows:

Saturday classes
All ages and grades: 11:30 - 12:30
Green belt and above: 12:30 - 13:30

Monday classes
Juniors (children): 18:00 - 19:00
Seniors (adults): 19:00 - 20:00

Training will commence at the new Pimlico Dojo on Saturday 1 July, followed by the first Monday class on Monday 3 July. Until then, classes will continue as normal at Chelsea Sports Centre.

We thank all our members for their support and understanding as we make this transition.

Mullin Shihan Seminar at Blackfriars Dojo, 25th May 2017

We are pleased to host John J Mullin Shihan seminar at our Blackfriars Dojo on Thursday, 25th of May 2017. 

Mullin Shihan is the Co-founder of WTKO and the current Executive Director and Chairman.

Junior belt session (i.e. white to yellow belts), is from 6pm to 7pm, seniors is from 7pm to 9pm. Seniors are allowed to train at the junior session at no extra charge.

Cost of seminar is £12.00 for junior belts, £22.00 for senior belts

Please contact to register your interest. We advise you to book a place as soon as possible as it will be very popular.  Time to be confirmed, so watch this space.


Article published on UK Shotokan Karate magazine by Sensei Angelo Sanna

Shotokan the fascinating story

A rough idea or a studied approach??
I, like many others, started with no real knowledge of this art, and was quite pleased by the quick results in the weeks to follow, but with time, we realise that there is more to these techniques than meets the eyes.
Today we will be talking about Uke Waza (blocks) and the ways to apply these onto attacks in a Ki Hon (basics) situation.
The vast majority of people will perform a Soto Uke (outside block) in a circular manner by moving from the right side of the body towards the left side of it, for a right outside block, sometimes exaggerating the action by starting far past the right shoulder and going way past the left one.
My opinion (and I need to point out that it is only my view of this technique) is that this block should travel from the right side of the body (elbow higher or at the same height as your shoulders) directly towards the opponent wrist and push towards the opponent i.e. the direction of your block should be directly opposite to the attack, and not push the latter towards the left, as this would lead to your blocking arm turning into a pulling action, and finish in line with the centre of your chest.
We also need to be very careful of the extension of our arms, as the further away from the body the less strength we can rely upon.
The distance of our blocking arm’s elbow from the body should always be the same for all the basic blocks, roughly one or one and a half fist from the body, and the fist of the blocking arm should always be further away from the body than the same arms elbow.
All our blocking actions should travel away from our bodies and not towards, with some obvious exceptions, but we are only talking about basic blocks (Age Uke, Soto Uke, Uchi Uke, Ge Dan Uke and Shu To Uke). 
All of the above applies to basic blocks and should/must change when applied, according to the attackers timing, strength, speed and accuracy of their techniques.
The person blocking should perform their blocks with a technique I call “Shaving” i.e. the arm you are blocking with must gently sweep the attacking arm’s wrist or ankle with the same gentleness as when you shave, the more pressure you use the more chances you have to break the skin (bruise) one should gently accompany the attacking arm’s wrist to a different direction therefore, you are not stopping the attack, but only redirecting it, therefore the effort needed is minimal.
Remember that we are talking about Ki Hon and that when applied to Kumi Te, things will change dramatically, but if you have practiced your basics diligently, your technique should be victorious.

A great Technical Seminar at Fukuoka/Sasori SKC in London

A great day at Fukuoka/Sasori SKC in London where a group of WTKO members and a few friends from other Karate Groups attended a Seminar by two senior WTKO instructors (Scott Langley and Angelo Sanna) who took turns teaching their audience a few ideas on how to make their Karate work by understanding Kihon (Basics). Langley Sensei made a point in emphasising Gyaku-Zuki and which body parts to engage to perform it correctly, followed by Kizami-Zuki and Mae-Geri, all done using the correct posture, and without losing form, while Sanna Sensei combined some basic techniques plus steps and made them into a sparring exercise followed by Kihon Kata (Taikyoku Shodan) with a difference by changing the usual techniques with other blocks and punching, this was followed by Heian-Nidan using only one arm, and then the other, then the Kata was repeated but starting moving to the right rather than to the left, and the latter was followed by some applications. All in all a really enjoyable and meaningful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Soon to be repeated (we hope)!


A successful day for Sasori at the Kaizen Cup


On Sunday 20th March 2016, four Sasori SKC karateka took part in the Kaizen Cup Spring Championships at the Redbridge Sports Centre in Ilford, Essex. Hosted by Kaizen Ryu Karate Do, the Kaizen Cup is a popular event in the annual competition circuit. This year there were around 200 competitors, and the stands were packed with friends and family cheering them on.

There was a real air of excitement when we arrived at the competition hall in the morning. It was great to catch up with some of our friends at Kaizen Ryu, and the friendly atmosphere made it easy to get chatting to our fellow competitors too.

Upon entering the sports centre, we had to jostle amongst the crowds of anxious parents and competitors who had gathered along the hallway to view their respective categories and area matts in which they would be competing in. 

First up from Sasori were Marc and Carina, who were competing in the 8 to 12 years old 3rd to 1st Kyu individual kata category. Both of them gave fantastic performances, and Carina placed first in the division. Carina beat around 30 other Karatekas to secure the gold trophy. Sasori SKC is extremely proud of Marc and Carina for giving their best and representing the club.

Our next competitor was Laura, in the 17+ 8th to 6th Kyu individual kata division. It was a popular category, and it was a great opportunity to see a range of katas from both Shotokan and Goju Ryu performed. Laura collected a bronze medal for the club.

Finally, Angel competed in the 17+ Shodan and above individual kata event. There was stiff competition in this category, but Angel’s excellent performance of advanced katas such as Jion and Nijushiho won her a very well-deserved gold trophy for first place.

In addition to our four competitors, Sensei Sanna provided support as a referee/judge for many events. It was a really enjoyable day, and a great experience for everyone who took part. Thank you to Kaizen Ryu for hosting such a professional and well-run competition, and well done to all our competitors!